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Image by Pascal Meier

Interior & Architecture

Control Rooms and Command Centers are – by their very nature –the scene of intense, high-energy, and extremely interactive team activities.

Successful real-time monitoring and response in areas such as security, production, logistics, and medicine can often make the difference between substantial losses or major profits for a business.

We have been designing large-scale, mission-critical operational centers and other exceptional work environments - for decades.

Product Design

We aim to achieve substantial savings and outstanding results by employing usability evaluations alongside rapid mockup production.

Our experience in designing diverse and unique environments has yielded a vast and dynamic knowledge base of materials and their distinctive characteristics.

Image by Kumpan Electric
Prism on Hand

Human Factors

Our company has gained extensive experience in optimizing the flow of physical space to streamline operations. 


By focusing on the interaction between the human factor, equipment and environment, we reduce human error, increase productivity, and enhance safety and comfort.

Understanding the user's capabilities, limitations, tasks, and functions helps us design in a way that is optimized for the human experience, both physically and cognitively.

User Experience

Our portfolio includes a diverse array of user interfaces in a wide spectrum of sectors. All have been created through

extensive analysis and creativity. 


Our designs include multifaceted, ultra-modern user interfaces for web and PC applications.

Image by Taras Shypka
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