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AR/VR-Based Maintenance and Training Platform

Developed by Enwize, WIZRD is an advanced platform that allows technicians and trainees to carry out procedures using augmented reality and virtual reality to guide them every step of the way from their first day on the job, throughout their entire career with the company.

How it works

WIZRD allows technicians to see the equipment they're working on in VR or AR, along with detailed visual instructions how to perform on every step they need to take until the procedure is completed. with WIZRD, technicians can benefit from a reliable tool in their toolbox that lightens the workload, ensures critical steps and details are not missed, presenting them with all of the information they need to execute procedures safely and efficiently.

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  1. Fully compatible with all end devices and operating systems: Android, iOS & Win

  2. Custom reports and alerts, and complete editing control

  3. One database for the organization - field and training

  4. Interfaces with other organization systems (e.g ERP)

  5. Efficient standardization within the organization

  6. All relevant know-how at hand while on the job

  7. Short implementation and integration time

  8. Reduced maintenance and training costs

  9. Environment friendly - green solution

  10. User-friendly and easy to use

  11. Affordable and cost-effective

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