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Get your company ready with our all-in-one Financial Services

Having a thorough understanding of your company's financial state is crucial for future growth. Whether you’re a new startup, a growing SMB or an established international subsidiary, you can be confident that your books will withstand due diligence in the hands of our financial consulting team. We’ll create a full Business and financial plan and create an initial presentation to investors so you can be ready for raising. Whenever you need in-depth analysis or help with forecasting, you can access our Controllers or CFOs — we're available around the clock.

Business Meeting

Business and Financial plan

Presentation and analysis of the company's business and financial model, which relates to the needs and expectations of the investors. The plan includes: an overview of the company, market analysis, revenue and pricing model, financial forecasts, a business plan is a crucial document in business life, both in the construction stages and in the expansion and growth stages.



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Mrs. Idit Snir CPA (Adv.)

Mrs. Snir is a certificated lawyer and accountant and has a rich financial and legal background in a wide range of positions the largest firms in Israel.

In the ten years before joining MBI, Mrs. Snir worked on complex local and international deals for the likes of BDO Consulting group, the Fifth-largest accountancy network in the world.       

In the deal making process  Idit assesses strategic business plan- mapped market size, quantified potential risks and market share, taking into account competition, trends etc. Quantified cost of sales and operational needs required to accomplish market penetration. Presented findings to potential and current investors, led cross functional team work with technology specialists, business development and founders.

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